Design and deliver the results you want using the Aust/NZ approved Investment Management Standard™


Many organisations operate in a shrinking pool of funding whilst managing increasing expectations for delivering results. In an ever-changing world, this means focusing on delivering benefits now, whilst developing new delivery models for the future.

This situation is not going to go away. My role is to assist people design solutions that meet the needs now, as well as into the future.

As a corporate strategist, community strategic planner & social researcher, I work closely with people to unpack the complex problems that are important to them. 

To get the solution that will deliver, it is necessary to ask the right questions, in the right order, answer them well, and then move forward.


The Investment Management Standard is a sensible and logical approach for unpacking complex issues. Organisations then focus resources on what matters and deliver the best outcomes.

Prioritise all needs using an evidence-based narrative representing all stakeholders and drawing on a range of diverse views and collective knowledge.

Describe the benefits of dealing with the situation that is now. Do stakeholders all want the same thing? How will you know you resolved the problem?

Assure your direction and your approach. How do you know it will work? Is this ideal under the circumstances? Does everyone
agree with this way forward?

Define exactly what you are doing. How will this deliver on promises? What will it look like? Will it get you to next level? How will you know?

Mature the solution over time. How are the solutions emerging? Are the delivery stakeholders innovating? What is the lead focus right now? Why?

EXPERTISE A background in strategic planning, community planning and stakeholder engagement suits programs designed to tackle arduous issues involving diverse stakeholders, especially in areas where governments focus their energies. EXPERIENCE Corporate & Community Strategic Planning Social Research & Socio-Ecological Modelling Stakeholder Engagement & Data Integration

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